Yoga and breathing exercises can effectively fight depression

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It is no secret that some breathing practices – and in particular yoga – can have a rather noticeable positive effect on the functioning of the respiratory organs in the short term. However, few people think about how powerful and effective a yoga tool can be in the format of helping get rid of the depressive spectrum of disorders and even autoimmune diseases. So today, yoga research experts from Boston University in the United States have unveiled their new study on the consideration of such long-term benefits and it turned out that systematic yoga and breathing exercises can actually relieve depression.

The fact is that, according to a new study of specialists, long and systematic yoga classes can actually be extremely useful in order to normalize a number of hormones responsible for the redistribution of red blood cells and a number of other internal factors. Preliminary studies and tests have shown that the majority of people who did yoga and breathing exercises for at least 90 hours for three months, noted a significantly lower threshold of stress and various conditions that were similar in symptoms to depressive ones.

With this in mind, it becomes clear that yoga and breathing exercises can be a truly multifunctional and effective tool not only in the preventive practice of depression, but also in the fight against it in its entirety. However, researchers are also interested in answering a number of third-party questions regarding the real benefits of systematic breathing exercises.

It is worth noting that at this point in time, experts continue to look at some additional studies that could clarify some points related to depression in people doing periodic yoga. On the other hand, some previous studies have also dealt with the question that breathing exercises can be extremely beneficial in order to minimize the risk of developing such a spectrum of diseases.

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