Yo-Yo diet can be quite dangerous

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Previous studies in the field of the occurrence and development of heart disease have repeatedly demonstrated that an improper diet can be the most problematic factor of all possible – thus, indicating that some diets do more harm than good. Here is a new study by specialists in cardiovascular diseases from the American Heart Association, which is studying these factors, showed that the so-called yo-yo diet can be one of the most dangerous risks for the onset of heart attacks and other medical conditions for this link.

The study primarily relates to the so-called yo-yo diet, in which alternating weight gain and weight loss through a sharp change in diet and fasting. The American Heart Association has compiled a study on the cardiovascular health of women on a diet of this kind. Observing a sufficiently large percentage of women on a yoyo diet, cardiology specialists found that the vast majority of them have an 82% increased chance of getting a chronic disorder of the heart system, which can be expressed in a particular type of disorder.

As for the diet itself, despite its apparent effectiveness, in fact, it creates significantly higher stress indicators – including for the cardiovascular system – which can be extremely difficult to deal with effectively, especially since some of the subjects are also engaged in physical activity that is quite limited in time and systematics.

It is worth noting the fact that the yoyo diet has already demonstrated rather controversial evidence of its benefits, in particular with regard to improper weight distribution – which can lead to subsequent problems and features associated with the development and occurrence of various cardiovascular diseases. We should expect other studies in this regard.

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