Working late can increase your risk of death.

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To work until late is far from the best idea from the point of view of preserving one’s health, although some workaholics who sincerely adore their work may not agree with this. In order to prevent such a harmful working habit, how to work in excess of the norm during the working week, specialists from the American Heart Association, studying various diseases of the cardiovascular system, released a new report – according to which excess work (more than 49 hours a week) can become the cause of the occurrence and development of the so-called "latent hypertension", which is very difficult to detect using standard tests for high blood pressure.

Unlike any other format for high blood pressure, latent hypertension is especially difficult to recognize, since an increase in blood pressure to high values ​​in a person occurs directly during work and falls by the time he can see a doctor. In their new study, American specialists focused on identifying the potential relationship between processing more than 50 hours a week and the risk of developing a similar format of hypertension, and in fact found that latent hypertension in such people develops with a 70% probability in the long term compared with those workers who spend less than 45 hours a week at work.

Moreover, according to preliminary data, such people are also 66% more likely to develop chronic hypertension at a later age, which is one of the most prominent risk factors for the development of a wide range of diseases of the cardiovascular system and can even lead to neurodegeneration.

It is worth noting that previous studies of this kind also often pointed to similar problems, however, they focused more on identifying specific markers of the disease, while the current study draws attention to the long-term development of latent hypertension. So it remains to wait for the next stage of development of this study, to collect more accurate and indicative data in this regard.

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