Working at night shifts can cause heart failure.

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Work on shifts has long been a sufficiently discussed problem in the context of long-term preservation of human health — numerous studies have previously been undertaken that establish, in one way or another, the true harm of work during unregulated hours for the body. This new study, compiled by a talented team of biologists from the University of Delhi in India, showed that people who work in shifts — especially at night — have a slightly increased risk of developing and developing various chronic heart diseases and even type 2 diabetes.

Scientists from India came to such results for a long time observing two control groups of people – the first of which consisted of volunteers, mostly working on night shifts, and the second of people who follow a fairly common pace and rhythm of life. Observing also some additional factors associated with working at night, the scientists noticed that these people have a much higher chance of developing various cardiovascular diseases due to the fact that their body is worse at managing the division and processing of glucose and triglycerols, derived from it.

It is worth noting that this process is one of the most revealing and important for the absolute majority of people who seek to maintain health in the long term and at the same time not experience any third-party health problems. In addition, the researchers found that the highest risk of such an unpleasant result is observed on average between the ages of 20 and 40, when the risk of a heart attack is at the peak of its potential occurrence.

They also noted that improper decomposition of triglycerols can lead to the development of certain defects and malfunction of the heart muscle – which means that people who work mainly on night shifts are somehow at risk. It is worth noting the fact that, despite many similar studies, scientists are still not in a hurry to put forward a certain theory about their results.

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