WHO warns of possible repercussions of new Ebola outbreak in DRC

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Earlier, at the beginning of the summer of this year, the World Health Organization presented its statistical and analytical report on the unfolding situation with the Ebola virus in some African countries that are especially vulnerable to this disease – among them, the organization's specialists especially noted the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which several years ago often has appeared in headlines regarding outbreaks of the disease. So today, part of the research team, having again analyzed the situation in this country, came to the conclusion that the previous warning was more than accurate regarding the numbers.

Since there are already 96 Ebola cases in the Democratic Republic of the Congo – or DRC for short – so far, and about four more cases are considered likely. Of the indicated number of cases, 43 people have already died due to lack of access to the necessary medical services and a lack of clean drinking water. At the moment, it is known that the new outbreak, which has already become the eleventh in a row, initially broke out in the capital of the state, but then quickly spread over more than 200 miles in the district.

As a result, researchers from WHO and some other international organizations working in the health sector noted that we can talk about really catastrophic consequences in the near future – unless local authorities, in cooperation with these organizations, take the necessary measures to counter the spread of this Ebola virus.

It is worth noting that so far the speech concerns only the territory of the DRC, however, experts do not exclude the possibility that a new outbreak can quickly spread to the territory of neighboring states (which is not such an incredible moment in this regard), so for now it only remains to wait for further developments and hope that WHO representatives will respond in a timely manner to potential negative developments regarding the current Ebola situation in this part of the African continent.

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