WHO urged to prepare for new flu pandemic

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has informed the world community about how to resist influenza for 2019–2030, which are designed to protect the population from the threat of infection with influenza viruses. The main goals of the strategy are to prevent the seasonal spread of the disease, to increase the effectiveness of counteraction in the transmission of the virus from animal to man, to prepare residents for the next outbreak of the disease.

General information
New strategy

Tedros Adhan Gebreyesus argues that there is always a risk of a flu pandemic, the only question is when an epidemic will occur. The WHO Director-General says that one should be prepared and take preventive measures to combat the pandemic, since the consequences of a flu outbreak are more expensive than their prevention.

General information

Influenza virus is one of the most serious diseases, leads to serious complications, has a high mortality rate. According to statistics, every year there are more than 1 billion cases of influenza infection in the world, of which 3-5 million are seriously ill. From the effects of the disease die from 290 to 650 thousand people.

To reduce the risk of getting the flu, WHO staff members suggest that you have a routine vaccination each year. The procedure is appropriate for health care workers who are constantly in contact with patients, for people who have a high risk of adverse effects (due to age and health condition).

New strategy

Using the new methods developed by WHO, confronting the disease is more effective – planned programs are being strengthened to allow timely preparation for a possible pandemic. Strategy objectives:

strengthening surveillance in countries;
prevention and control of disease foci;
development of effective preventive measures;
preventing the spread of the virus and treating the population;
production of effective antiviral agents and their distribution.

WHO representatives believe that each country should develop and plan a program to effectively combat the disease.

A partnership program led by WHO provides an opportunity to better prepare for a future outbreak of the virus and reduce the level of serious complications after an illness.

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