White meat is no more healthy than red in terms of cholesterol: a study

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Today, as part of a new study by nutritionists from the University of California at San Francisco, it was found that eating white meat was not an automatic panacea for getting rid of high cholesterol – red meat was previously thought to be more dangerous in this regard. However, now American nutritionists have been able to clearly demonstrate by the example of several hundred participants in the experiment that even white meat in one way or another raises cholesterol levels – and the results were surprising in comparison with the group that consumed exclusively plant-based proteins.

It is worth noting the fact that many previous studies of the dietary type indicated that red meat is the most dangerous in terms of increasing cholesterol and blood pressure – which can cause the emergence and development of a wide range of diseases. However, a new study from San Francisco found that white meat is not at all safer, because it carries out exactly the same fermentation processes.

And when scientists looked at the difference in metabolism and the state of the cardiovascular system – as well as cholesterol – of several hundred participants in the experiment, they did not notice any difference between red and white meat in the long run. What can not be said about those people who consumed exclusively plant-based proteins – their cholesterol level and the number of harmful cells in the body were noticeably lower, which indicates the unconditional victory of the plant protein families.

Thus, a new study, one way or another, concerns the correct selection of certain foods for the diet of any modern person who wants to stay healthy and active for as long as possible – and again, white meat has become questioned about its own safety. However, experts also want to conduct some additional testing and testing related to this topic.

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