What does a person feel when in a coma?

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Rehabilitation clinic "Levinstein" works with patients after strokes, serious injuries, accidents and accidents. Of course, among the patients of the clinic there are those who come for treatment in a vegetative state, that is, in a coma. For many years, the best doctors of today have been struggling with the question of what a person is experiencing in a coma, and does he feel anything at all, or is he completely unconscious?

The doctors of the Levinstein Clinic, under the direction of the physician Ben-Zion Krymchansky, the head of the resuscitation department for those in a vegetative state, answered the question. With the help of special equipment, doctors studied brain activity in different areas in four patients in a coma.

Successful results of the experiment

In two patients, unexpected results were recorded. When the patients were visited by their relatives, the patients were observed to stimulate those parts of the brain that are responsible for recognizing faces. In addition, active impulses came from those centers that are responsible in our body for the whole range of human emotions. And although outwardly, people in a coma did not show signs of consciousness, in their head at that moment processes occurred that determine sadness, anxiety, joy, and anguish. Remarkably, it was these two patients in whom emotions and brain activity were detected, then came out of a vegetative state.

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Many patients who were in a state of coma talk about what they saw, heard the relatives talked to them, how the doctors and nurses came, but before the research conducted within the walls of the Levinstein hospital, few believed in such stories. Now it becomes obvious that some patients who are in a coma actually hear and feel everything, and most importantly – they may experience emotions! Thus, the communication of relatives with the patient, who is unconscious so far, has a clear meaning – it turns out that if you speak with a person in a coma, to awaken emotions in him, you can also get out of the vegetative state in some cases.


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