Weekly runs reduce the risk of a wide range of illnesses.

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Jogging is a fairly common type and format of sports that do not require special training and which can be accessible to almost every person – there would be time and desire. That is why today a company of biology researchers from the University of Victoria has presented its new study, devoted to considering how relatively short and not very frequent jogging can affect overall health. It turned out to be very positive, and scientists also noted a certain degree of accumulation of this effect, depending on a particular variant of speed and frequency of runs.

Scientists armed themselves with a sufficiently large amount of previously collected medical information for 232 thousand people who were observed for 30 years and who were engaged in jogging no more than twice a week, with an average training duration of about 50 minutes. After conducting some cross-reference analyzes and studies, experts found that such people on average have a 25% lower risk of early death due to the development of a different spectrum of diseases – which also includes the oncological group.

In particular, the cancer group occupies an indicator of 23%, but the risk of heart and respiratory diseases is reduced by 27%, which is a really promising indicator. In addition, a new study focuses on identifying such points and positive traits for people of almost any age, with minimal differences in terms of hormonal development and the state of work of internal organs and the brain in particular.

So weekly jogging, even of a relatively short nature, can be a really interesting and accessible way to extend your life without unnecessary trips to doctors and the use of various medications. With this in mind, it becomes clear that jogging or at least walking once a week significantly reduces the risk of developing a different spectrum of oncological and autoimmune diseases.

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