Weapon-related death recorded in US

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Another round of investigations into the true dangers of electronic cigarettes and vape was launched in the United States – the fact is that the Illinois Department of Public Health released a special report today that indicated that one case of severe hospitalization and subsequent death was recorded among active users of various vape devices. This news came shortly after authorities in several other states of America conducted their research and found that a certain relationship between electronic nicotine-free devices and serious cases of airway inflammation still takes place.

However, in the new case, this is a rather complicated case, since a hospitalized patient, an unnamed patient in order to maintain confidentiality, had previously stated certain problems associated with the work of the respiratory tract, but throughout this time they will continue to use vape. It is believed that the true reason for the patient’s hospitalization and death is somehow not so much related to vape, but he certainly played a role in this, as researchers at the University of Illinois and representatives of the state administration are convinced.

In addition, over the past few months, twenty-two patients between the ages of 17 and 38 turned to local Illinois hospitals for examination after they had various symptoms of airway inflammation – however, none of them were subsequently hospitalized and no one Faced with other health problems.

However, the investigation itself is also aimed at providing a specific summary of manufacturers who may be guilty of spreading this trend – since some certain variants of nicotine-free vape devices can be really more dangerous than others. So for now, it remains to wait for the final completion of the current investigation and thus evaluate the new results obtained after.

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