Walnuts can prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases

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Walnuts are an excellent and reliable source of omega-3 fatty acids, which have incomparably high benefits for maintaining the tone and health of the body – especially in comparison with the animal basis of their production. A small amount of walnuts consumed daily can significantly increase the body's tone and reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases – experts from the Penn Research Institute in the USA are convinced. The fact is that the experts conducted their independent research in this regard and came to a really interesting conclusion on how to properly consume walnuts.

They made a monthly experiment to change the diet, selecting 45 subjects with varying degrees of obesity and age from 30 to 65 years. Two weeks before the experiment, the subjects consumed an average American diet with 12% fatty acids of animal origin, so that all participants began the experiment in approximately equal conditions. Then, for a month, they ate walnuts as the main source of omega-3, while combining them mainly with low-fat food of plant origin and a minimum of meat.

After a month, scientists found that walnuts, in combination with this kind of diet, in fact, reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases of almost any type, and also maintain muscle tone of the heart for a longer time than previously thought – and this can point to a conceptually different approach to the formulation of their personal diet, despite the massive consumption of animal fats and not quite useful nutrients in the average diet.

Thus, the consumption of walnuts was the moment for which the study was conducted, ultimately confirming their status as the most safe and multifunctional plant food. However, as the scientists themselves point out, they are interested in conducting several additional control studies that may be most useful.

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