Vision can affect hearing much more than we thought

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It's no secret that the human body harbors many interconnections that we have yet to discover – and one of the most interesting interconnections of this type is the relationship between vision and hearing. For many decades, neuroscientists have been studying how vision and hearing are connected in a sensory sense, and a number of American researchers in the 50s. of the last century even proposed a very interesting concept that focusing visual attention on an object helps to better perceive its sound source. Today, a talented team of neuroscientists from Boston University decided to test this concept in practice.

Their research is based on the so-called “cocktail party” theory – its essence lies in the fact that our eyes allow us to better grasp information by ear from a particular object we are looking at, even when we are surrounded by a fairly large number of objects emitting different sounds. To test this theory, the research team invited several participants and divided them into two groups – both groups sat in front of loudspeakers giving out some information, but the first group was asked to focus on one of the loudspeakers, and the second was asked to focus on a wall or a silent loudspeaker. …

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As a result of several sessions of similar experiments, scientists found that the first group copes much better with capturing audio information when visually fixing on a particular loudspeaker, while the second group copes much worse. Thus, with the help of this experiment, they were able to prove the consistency of the cocktail theory.

On the other hand, a group of researchers from Boston University speaks about the need to conduct several additional sessions and the peculiarities of such testing, since in such experiments there may be some really revealing moments – and there may indeed be many technical and biological nuances that can affect the purity of the experiment. … It remains only to wait for the final completion of this set of tests.

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