Violin operation is not a hindrance

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Today you will not be surprised by the fact that many operations are performed without general anesthesia, and the patient, without feeling any pain, can freely communicate with the surgeon who operates him. But so that during the operation the patient played the violin – this unique case occurred for the first time in the Israeli hospital Ichilov (Suraski).

Perhaps, to the average person it will seem just a desire to create a sensation and create a sensation among both doctors and patients. But this is not the case. Neurosurgeons of the clinic pursued a completely different goal.

The fact is that professional 60-year-old violinist Neomi Elishhov fell ill with Parkinson's disease. The trembling in the limbs not only prevented her from playing music, but also caused a lot of problems in everyday life. After the examination in the neurosurgical department, it was decided to use one of the innovative methods of treatment for Parkinson's disease – electrostimulation of the brain. The operation consists in inserting a miniature pacemaker through a small hole in the skull, which affects certain brain structures and relieves tremor and muscle spasm.

Usually, various methods of neurophysiological control (neuromonitoring, etc.) are used to control the effectiveness of the implantation of a stimulator. This time, the experts decided to apply natural control, asking the patient to play on their favorite instrument. And they were not mistaken. The operation was carried out by Professor Freed, in his practice it is also a debut.

During the connection of the stimulator, not only was the ability of Neomi to play the violin, but the surgeons observed an improvement in the quality of the game, which was the criterion for the success of the operation. Neomi herself is very happy, because in recent years, due to illness, she could not do her favorite thing.

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