Vegetarian Protein May Be More Effective For Weight Gain

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Some nutritional supplements and substitutes are actually much more interesting and diverse in their functionality substances – this is also evidenced by a new study by microbiologists from the University of Exeter in the UK who decided to find out what unique properties the so-called Quorn product has. It is a vegetarian alternative to meat, which includes all the same components and trace elements, however, of plant origin – as well as a special mycoprotein grown using special fungal colonies and by the producer.

This food product has recently become very widespread in the UK and several other European countries as a safer and more effective substitute for traditional meat protein – it contains almost the same complex as meat, but it is noticeably lighter metabolic process. Specialists decided to conduct a study and compare mycoprotein of plant type and animal in the context of systematic physical activity and training.

Twenty adult healthy men who regularly play sports and were divided into two groups took part in their test – the first after training received Quorn mycoprotein, and the second a traditional animal protein. After several weeks of such an experiment, the results showed that when taking Quorn-protein, subjects increased on average 40% more muscle mass and faster, in addition to those who consumed regular meat protein.

This is due, experts say, primarily to the fact that the Quorn protein does not contain as much water as an ordinary animal – in addition, it also has a more pronounced metabolic process, which cannot but affect the overall increase level of security. So, soon experts will undertake another additional study with respect to clarifying other properties of this protein.

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