Vegetable diet lovers are more introverts

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Although an interesting new study on the potential relationship between a particular diet and character traits from nutrition experts from the Max Planck Institute did not indicate whether these relationships actually exist, they nevertheless mentioned the possibility of finding them in the psycho social format. In other words, experts focused on researching how adherence to a meat or vegetable diet affects individual traits and the degree of socialization of individuals, which also became a truly unusual angle in such studies – after all, something similar was carried out earlier, not to mention something even more awesome.

After conducting a fairly lengthy analysis of the impact of a vegetarian, vegan, and standard meat diet on the psycho-emotional, social, and characteristic background of individual volunteers, nutritionists at the Max Planck Institute have come to the conclusion that for the most part, people who prefer a vegan or vegetarian diet have more likely to develop an introverted type of social behavior, unlike those people who consume including meat.

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It is still difficult to say what exactly is the main reason for this chance, however, researchers point out primarily the social aspect of such a chance, since people who eat with strict food restrictions usually spend much less time in catering places and often eat alone because few other people can share a meal with them. Of course, this explanation seems rather eloquent, but experts are sure that adherence to the vegan and vegetarian diet also entails certain physiological changes.

And under physiological changes, it is primarily understood as a change in individual chemical processes in the brain, which can potentially determine the production and development of certain social and psychoemotional traits of a person. It remains only to wait for the end of the experiment or other similar ones to find the exact answer to the question of which of these dietary factors is primary.

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