Vegan diet beats Mediterranean diet in terms of weight loss

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Despite the fact that the Mediterranean diet is something really curious and unusual in terms of providing very high rates of preservation and enhancement of health, nevertheless, in some aspects it clearly loses to the same vegan diet – these are the conclusions of a team of researchers from several US universities. by performing an appropriate experiment. Moreover, here we are talking about the fact that it is the vegan diet that allows users to more competently lose weight without any negative side effects and consequences, which was also noted in the work of the team of specialists in nutrition.

First of all, it is worth noting the fact that the opposition between the vegan diet and the Mediterranean diet in this study revolved around the issue of proper weight distribution and getting rid of excess weight, in connection with which the research team prepared a special experiment. Within its framework, several dozen volunteers with one or another amount of excess weight were selected, who ate either one or another diet for 16 weeks.

It is also worth noting that in the first four weeks of the experiment, the volunteers adhered to their standard diet, and only then switched to one of the two. After that period, experts focused on identifying various relationships and found that it was the vegan diet that made it possible to lose the most excess weight – about 13 pounds versus 7.5 for the Mediterranean group. However, in this study, the team of specialists also found that there are some additional features and aspects that might initially have been silent.

However, at this stage, the research team prefers not to make third-party adjustments regarding this type of research, since they believe – and not without reason – that most likely in the future, some additional research will be carried out to identify the most revealing aspects of the vegan diet, whatever whatever its configuration. Thus, it remains only to wait for the final completion of the current stage of the study and subsequent results.

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