Vasopressin can stop autism symptoms

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A new study published by several teams of US neuroscientists regarding the possibility of relieving autism symptoms with the help of the hormone vasopressin is becoming more interesting – not long ago this study was published at one of the US scientific forums. Two clinical experiments have already been carried out using this hormone over several groups of children aged 7 to 12 years with autism to one degree or another. Despite the fact that both clinical trials have yielded positive results, the scientists themselves say that they still need to conduct additional research.

It is worth noting that vasopressin is produced in the hypothalamus, and its chemical structure is very similar to oxytocin – like the second hormone, vasopressin provides multifunctional regulation of body temperature and blood pressure. Early studies using this hormone showed indirect evidence that it can change the mechanism of the somatic nervous system, and therefore treat the symptoms of autism.

As it was tested in the framework of two clinical tests with the use of this hormone – the first group of children received a placebo, and the second vasopressin. After two weeks of the experiment, each group then passed a special assessment test for the level of social and communication skills called SRS-2. It turned out that the second group, who received vasopressin, demonstrated a significantly higher and more effective level of social interaction with people around, including unfamiliar people – which can be a really difficult process for autists.

In addition, according to preliminary clinical trials with the use of vasopressin, scientists also concluded that it can have an almost healing effect on the level of the somatic activity of the brain – in other words, making people more energetic and active for a longer period of time, which is an important aspect.

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