Vaping may cause lung scarring

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A new study by medical experts from several universities in Europe regarding the real harm from vaping devices and e-smoking in general has demonstrated that long-term vaping can actually cause serious lung diseases and the respiratory system as a whole. In particular, a new study from the European Lung Foundation, which studies various medical conditions and disorders of the lungs and respiratory system, has recorded at least one case of pulmonary pneumoconiosis due to the rather long use of electronic vape devices.

Moreover, this pneumoconiosis in itself is a disease in which a person’s pulmonary and respiratory systems become clogged with a lot of heavy metals – most often this disease affects people who are actively working with metals such as tungsten or cobalt, for example, in dental or industrial enterprises. However, one case of the appearance and development of pneumoconiosis was recorded during the examination of the cases of several patients at the European Lung Foundation – it turned out that this person actually has a serious malfunction of the lungs due to the extremely high contents of these metals due to the use of a vape device.

Given that some similar studies have shown similar results in the past, it is hardly surprising that researchers came to this again. However, it is still not completely clear whether there was any other factor in this process that could influence the direct and indirect features of the development of pneumoconiosis.

It is worth noting the fact that at this point in time, European scientists continue to carefully study and consider this case, since it was the first recorded in connection with the relatively long-term use of vape products. Nevertheless, there is very little doubt that experts will soon undertake another comparative study, which will certainly help to find out as much details as possible about this.

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