Vaping can significantly damage the cognitive capabilities of the brain

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A new study was presented today to uncover a potential relationship between systematic e-cigarette smoking and clouded consciousness, commonly referred to as “brain fog”. Previously, many experts in one way or another pointed out that vaping of various formats and types can in fact cause certain cognitive problems, but in the current study, experts have mainly focused on uncovering the question of how systematic smoking of e-cigarettes can affect the overall quality. and clarity of thought, presenting some really interesting results.

First of all, it is worth noting the fact that there are a great many reasons and factors contributing to the deterioration of consciousness and brain function in general during smoking, and most of them are not revealed in one way or another by traditional research measures. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that in the new study, experts have focused specifically on revealing how a systematic vaping habit contributes to the deterioration of individual thinking patterns.

For this, specialists from the Rochester Medical School in the USA conducted a comparative study, selecting several volunteers and dividing them into two groups – the first group used vaping, and the second did not smoke at all. After several weeks of such an experiment, the results showed that the first group did, on average, have great problems with abstract and sequential thinking, and also showed problems with prolonged concentration of attention in relation to different objects.

It is worth noting the fact that smoking e-cigarettes in one way or another is not yet fully disclosed type of smoking in the context of long-term effects on human health – however, early research in one way or another suggested that e-cigarettes can harm the cardiovascular and respiratory systems not less than traditional tobacco products, or even more in some specific cases of use.

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