Vape can cause mucosal diseases

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Today, the results of a new study on the review and analysis of new potentially harmful effects of the use of liquid nicotine substances contained in modern electronic cigarettes were presented. The study found that in the relatively long term, the vast majority of smokers of electronic cigarettes or similar devices have a 1.7 greater chance of developing wheezing and shortness of breath – however, according to the study itself, these consequences can be caused not only and not so much by the fact of smoking how many by some third-party aspects related to this.

In particular, scientists note that it is possible that increased shortness of breath and wheezing can be directly associated with certain flavoring and aromatic additives that are contained in such electronic devices for smoking. However, the main difficulty in testing this hypothesis is that while scientists still do not have data in the long term, although they believe that the use of such nicotine fluids can lead to certain problems of lung function, this can lead to.

This article has just appeared in the scientific journal Tobacco Control, which describes the possible dangerous consequences for lung function at a later age – with regard to wheezing and shortness of breath, the presented statistical data were obtained during the study of several cases of patients who regularly use electronic smoking devices and various aromatic additives. It is assumed that they are the main culprits of the emergence of various chronic conditions and factors of lung function, however, this part of the study has yet to be re-examined during the subsequent observation period.

In general, the main difficulty and problem of research data on the review and analysis of the harmful effects of electronic cigarettes and smoking devices is that few statistical data are available over time. However, after some time this gap will be filled.

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