Using cannabinoids for migraines may not be a good idea

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Despite the fact that marijuana and various medical products containing it in one way or another are quite often and widely used as one of the most common ways to combat migraines and various complex of chronic pains, its effectiveness in the long term is still worth it. questionable – and in particular, its specific level of safety for the patients themselves. And today, a team of researchers from the American Academy of Neurology presented the results of their recent study on how, overall, cannabis-containing products help manage chronic headaches.

In particular, the researchers reflected in their scientific project the main problem, which is a gradual increase in the level of tolerance of the body towards the active substance of cannabis – of course, migraine itself often shows the need to use cannabis as a relief agent, but American researchers have established that those patients Those who relieve migraines and other chronic pain with cannabis products have an approximately 6 times higher risk of experiencing even more severe headaches in the future – the so-called “relapsing pains”, which are often a side effect of cannabis.

It is worth noting that the study itself was framed with the help of a volunteer base in the amount of 386 people, of whom 150 used medications containing cannabis, thereby illustrating the difference with the control group, which did not use such medications.

It should be noted that migraine is not only one of the most common, but also one of the most indicative problematic factors regarding the use of cannabinoids in the composition of certain medications – since the mechanism is not fully understood yet. At this point in time, it remains only to focus on more or less proven data on cannabis itself, as well as on subsequent studies of this kind, which can also shed additional light on this issue.

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