US releases more methane emissions than anticipated

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It is no secret that global warming and environmental safety are somehow connected with each other – especially in the context of studying the total amount of methane released into the Earth’s atmosphere. Methane is the most common and bulk gas in this sense – scientists around the world attribute methane to 25% of the causes of increased global warming. Here is a new study of a statistical nature, drawn up by environmental experts from Cornwall University, which indicates that the actual volume of methane production into the planet’s atmosphere is about 100 times higher than the originally declared values ​​- it’s worth noting, however, that this is primarily about the USA and about American industry.

Thus, experts from Cornwall University and experts from the Environmental Safety Fund independently conducted their research and compiled a report on how much methane-containing substances are released into the Earth’s atmosphere by American industrial centers. It turned out that this figure is approximately 100 times higher than official statistics, and this number continues to grow.

Despite the fact that, in comparison with methane, carbon dioxide is even more widespread and voluminous, it is approximately 84% less adaptive and resistant to various environmental factors, which makes it not as dangerous in the long run as methane. It is worth noting that, to a large extent, both the environmental team managed to get such an amazing figure thanks to the Google Street View functionality, which also takes into account the environmental situation in the regions of the world. Thus, the entire aggregate volume of American industry produces about 8 gigrams of methane per year.

And this is a big enough figure even for such a large industrial world center as America. That is why experts continue to carefully study the most varied options for ridding the Earth’s atmosphere of so much methane. However, it is assumed that for this it is necessary to launch quite long and expensive treatment projects around the world.

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