US government approves COVID-19 test vaccine

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Today it became known that the US government has officially approved the next phase of testing of the so-called vaccine Ad26.COV2.S, aimed at combating the current global pandemic of the novel coronavirus – it is based on the use of a new experimental configuration of antibodies and some chemical agents that previously demonstrated really high efficacy against coronavirus particles. It is worth noting that at the moment there are two parallel studies of this vaccine on human cells, in the United States and in Belgium, where a rather promising nature of this vaccine is also noted.

Of course, developing a multifunctional and effective vaccine against such a complex virus as COVID-19 is not an overly simple task, because here it is necessary to take into account a whole series of various aspects and events. But despite this, many leading healthcare organizations and national governments of many countries recognize the effectiveness of the new prototype vaccine Ad26.COV2.S at a high level, and therefore it is designed as a kind of last resort in case of the need to actively combat the main symptoms of a new type of coronavirus. …

It is worth noting that now the US government has not only officially given its consent to the third stage of testing of this vaccine – which, starting in September of this year, will be tested on patients who have given their consent to this – but also noted its willingness to contribute more than 1 billion US dollars to get at least one million units of this vaccine, which is mainly developed by Johnson & Johnson.

Its representatives have already announced that the first millionth batch of the vaccine will be ready relatively soon, subject to the successful completion of preliminary tests. As for the larger number of this vaccine, then we are already talking about the need to conclude a new contractual agreement between the company and the US government – but if you believe the rumors, if it is concluded, the US will receive about 200 million more units of this vaccine.

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