US Department of Health proposes stricter drug controls

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Tracking the systematics of the correct and high-quality use of medicines and medicines of various kinds is a direct responsibility of the Ministry of Health in any state – and in the United States this point is set in a special way. Today it became known that an independent group of experts at the Prevention Center for Drug Control within the US Department of Health has put forward a preliminary bill, which proposes to tighten control over the unreasonable use of drugs, as well as over the use of prohibited for sale drugs in general throughout the United States.

The bill itself was drafted and signed by a departmental group under the US Department of Health and was the first serious step towards more accurate and comprehensive control over the distribution and use of various medicines. It is worth noting that the law is primarily aimed at preventing a large number of deaths caused by an overdose of a particular medicine – after all, only in the past 2018, over 70 thousand cases of such deaths were registered in the United States.

In addition, another part of the bill is aimed at controlling the distribution and use of prescription drugs, because according to the same medical statistics in the country, about 7.5 million Americans from 12 years of age or older have one or the other a different degree of drug abuse, even of a relatively non-hazardous nature – which, in turn, can lead to various health problems in the long term.

Nevertheless, while the bill is at the preliminary stage of its preparation and execution – so until the onset of September 9 of this year, the American public can leave comments on it and propose amendments, which will be considered by the departmental commission at the US Department of Health before the indicated date extracts. After its onset, the application of the law will be considered by Congress.

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