Uroitin A allows you to suspend cellular aging

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Since cellular aging has been recognized as the main cause of aging and the emergence of diseases as such, many scientists from around the world have begun to look very closely at the possibilities to halt this process. Even today, a talented team from the Federal Polytechnic School in Lausanne presented the results of its new work on such a task – which was based on testing a special enzyme called urolitin A – a substance that is practically undetectable in food but somehow present in nature. And experts have found that the biomolecules of fruits such as pomegranate and currant can lay them out.

Or rather, they themselves can turn into urolitin A, thereby demonstrating a potentially high level of effectiveness in stopping cell aging. The fact is that preliminary studies of specialists in one way or another concerned the possibility of using this enzyme to modify the work of the mitochondria – the cellular part responsible for the production of energy and its transformation in the cell.

Preliminary tests were conducted on experimental mice and worms, and in all cases, experts found that urolithin could indeed suspend the metabolism of mitochondia, thereby slowing down cell aging as such. Now the team conducts research on several groups of people and finds out how much urolitin is needed for maximum efficiency – it turns out that this level is in the range from 500 to 1000 mg, and its use on a long-term basis does not lead to the accumulation of harmful toxins, but still continues to act on cell aging.

It is worth noting that urolitin A is a component that is still being carefully studied, but scientists say that it can easily be found in a pomegranate – thus, the consumption of this fruit can potentially lead to a significant slowdown in aging, which is a really positive aspect . But so far it remains to wait for the final completion of the research specialists.

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