Unique genetic mutation of rabbits discovered

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Today, a talented team of geneticists from France presented their new research regarding the discovery of one truly unusual recessive gene in one of the rabbit breeds in the south of the country – the so-called Alfort Jumper breed, which has actually caught the attention of most genetic researchers. The fact is that this breed has shown itself as a carrier of a really unusual gene, which was changed about a hundred years ago in southern France, but scientists still cannot understand what exactly influenced the change in this gene – this is what a new study is supposed to be. studying this unusual breed of domestic rabbits.

And the main uniqueness of this breed is that the overwhelming majority of its representatives move only on two front legs, which is a very strange way of movement, at first glance, but which also indicates that most likely it is about something. something more difficult than just choosing a method of transportation. Preliminary studies have pointed to the fact that this breed of rabbits has very noticeable modifications in the RORB chromosome, which is responsible for the production of a special class of proteins, which, in turn, regulate various aspects and features of the functioning of the back and the dorsal region in general.

Thus, the found genetic markers of changes clearly indicate that most likely this breed became such due to random, rather than intentional, genetic experiments, and that scientists intend to get to the bottom of the truth as to which aspect is the main one here. In addition, we are talking about launching a new set of experiments.

In addition, there is a possibility that this breed of rabbits is not the only one that possesses recessive genes of this type – however, so far, experts have not found any additional points regarding third-party genetic markers. For now, it only remains to wait for the final completion of the current set of experiments and studies aimed at implementing a new stage of research in the future.

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