Unhealthy eating at work leads to an unhealthy diet outside of it.

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Today, nutritionists from the United States presented their new research on how the choice of a specific working diet – that is, the diet during the working day – may affect the choice of diet outside the person’s work space. Such a study, despite its some obvious and even doubtful nature, nevertheless illustrated many points of contact between the psychology of choice and the habit of consuming certain foods. The study itself has already been published in the scientific journal American Journal of Preventative Medicine, where it has received wide publicity and dissemination, including through third-party research.

The study itself was built around a consideration of how close is the relationship between food choices during the working day of a person and a similar choice away from work. One small company in the USA was chosen as the main base for the study. It turned out that more than half of the employees who choose not quite healthy foods, which are abundant in sugar, complex carbohydrates and fats, are much more likely to have adapted their working food habits for their free time, thus consuming even more not quite healthy substances.

In addition, as the scientists pointed out, this leads to a significant increase in the risk of developing various heart diseases, not to mention other disorders of the digestive system. Thus, the experiment carried out clearly demonstrated the need for companies themselves to introduce more balanced and well-thought-out options for working catering, in particular, in order to cut their medical expenses for their employees.

With all this, the study also showed that the adaptation of the working-type food habits in everyday life leads to a gradual decrease in informed choice regarding what the user consumes. Thus, its results openly speak of the need to introduce a healthier and balanced food culture at all levels of activity.

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