"Unexpected" breast cancer drug

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The discovery of biologists
A new generation of anti-cancer drugs
Cancer treatment with radiotherapy

So, for example, the positive effect of the well-known Botox in the treatment of cancer abroad has recently been established, and more and more such studies appear.

The discovery of biologists

Biologists, studying the anticonvulsant drug Phenytoin, used to treat epilepsy abroad, have discovered its ability to block the growth and spread of a malignant tumor.

new generation of anti-cancer drugsSuch a property is inherent in the mechanism of action of the drug. It suppresses sodium channels in the membranes of nerve cells, thereby blocking the transmission of nerve impulses of excitation that occur during an epileptic seizure. Similar sodium channels are blocked in cancer cells, the tumor is deprived of impulse transmission, neuro-trophic regulation of development.

A new generation of anti-cancer drugs

Studies of the drug were conducted on patients undergoing breast cancer treatment abroad, at the same doses that are used to treat epilepsy, a significant slowdown in tumor development was noted. A similar effect was found when taking antiarrhythmic drugs with the same principle of action – channel blocking.

Biologists continue research, and hope that its results will create a new group of anticancer drugs that are not as toxic as chemotherapeutic drugs and have a much lower cost than the biological drugs used today for treatment in Israel.

The method of chemotherapy involves the treatment of cancer oncology centers in Israel and other countries with the help of special medicinal agents that have a strong cytotoxic effect against malignant cells and, if possible, with minimal effect on the whole organism.

Today in the arsenal of doctors is a whole range of similar agents that differ in completely different mechanisms of action. In the last decade, chemotherapy abroad has replenished with a new class of drugs that have a targeted (i.e., targeted) mechanism of action. Today, in the arsenal of Israeli oncology, there are many methods of treating radiotherapy, a great opportunity for their individual choice for the patient, using the latest generation of equipment from the best manufacturers in the world , including unique in-house developments.

Cancer treatment with radiotherapy

Cancer treatment in Israel with radiotherapy is part of a comprehensive cancer treatment, but can also be used as an independent method in the form of radical radiotherapy – until the tumor is completely destroyed. In the complex treatment of cancer, radiotherapy can be palliative, performed to reduce the size of the tumor before surgery, and symptomatic, which together with chemotherapy inhibits tumor growth in inoperable cancer.

It should be noted that Israeli scientists own many unique innovative developments in the treatment of cancer with radiotherapy. This is a selective SIRT method – a completely ingenious development, very effective and saving the patient from exposure to healthy tissues. This is the CK-MLC radiosurgery method, which allows you to remove the tumor in one session and in a shorter time. This is an improvement of the method of internal radiation – brachytherapy, and the introduction of new types of radiation – neutron, proton, which give an effect when the tumor is resistant to other types of rays.

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