Ultrathin material for concealing heat sources created

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There are not many materials in the world that can hide heat sources, in particular because their manufacture and use are fraught with significant financial difficulties. However, today a talented team of chemical engineering specialists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison presented their new development of ultralight and thin material that can absorb significant amounts of ultraviolet radiation and heat from any sources – for example, it can be used to hide heat from the human body.

According to preliminary testing results, this material has a really promising character – it can absorb up to 94% of infrared light of a very different light wavelength, including light waves coming from the human body. The material is made of the so-called synthetic “black silicon”, which has a very high degree of absorption of heat and light.

Hongyu Xian, the head of this development, notes that the material presented has a thickness of less than a millimeter and its production is not associated with large financial costs. Also, due to its ability to absorb light waves of a wide variety of waves, it can potentially be used not only on the ground, but also as part of special flying equipment – which in some way turns it into a new military development. However, so far the developers are not saying anything about the possibility of remaking new material for military needs.

Experts note that black silicon allows you to absorb so much light due to the peculiarities of its internal structure in the composition of the material – the fact is that they used silver particles to change silicon in such a way that it formed something like long nanowires inside the structure – between which it “gets stuck” ”Conducted light. It is worth noting that the current concept of this development is not final and scientists are expected to continue to work on improving it in the future.

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