Ultra-thin and elastic skin display created

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Japanese scientists have developed a unique type of ultra-thin elastic display monitor for transfer directly to the skin – this monitor, created from a very elastic and flexible material, shows the state of the person carrying it in the form of an electrocardiogram thanks to ultra-sensitive sensors attached to the skin. Then, the monitor can transfer the received data either to another device via Wi-Fi, or transfer it to cloud storage. This development, created under the guidance of professor of biomedicine Takao Someya, will soon be presented at a major technology exhibition in Austin, Texas, where it will also be evaluated directly by experts.

It is worth noting that this skin display, unlike some similar developments, is primarily aimed at the older generation of patients, who usually have a bit more difficult to obtain bio-data. The monitor system itself combines a flexible display and an ultra-light sensor system made of nano-electrodes and a wireless communication module, which allows you to send data either to a smartphone or directly to cloud storage.

It is known that the Japanese company Dai Nippon took up the development of the display itself, and its maximum deviation angle is 45% of the original length. In addition, unlike many similar options for bio-displays, this one has a much higher resistance to external factors.

The developers reported that this bio-monitor can be carried on the skin for a whole week without having to remove it even while taking a shower, which makes it incredibly mobile and convenient to use. Initially, the development team focused on teaching the sensor how to record temperature, pressure and myoelectric processes under the skin, but already at the moment the updated version of the sensor has the ability to show a full electrocardiogram. Thus, this biomedical monitor has all the makings of an incredibly convenient and even revolutionary device for tracking health.

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