U.S. Congress favors raising legal smoking age

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Despite the fact that in the vast majority of the states of America the legal age for drinking alcohol is 21 years old, the similar indicator of legal smoking is slightly lower – about 18 years old, and yet this bad habit is the second most important in terms of health effects. That is why today it became known that the US Congress introduced a new federal-level bill prescribing to increase the legal age of smoking to 21 years, which can not only improve the overall health of the population, but also eliminate some additional harmful factors, such as the use of vape products with nicotine content at a young age.

It is worth noting that in several states of the country the legal age of smoking is already 21 years old, but this is more the exception than the rule. The main motivation behind this bill – so far only theoretical – is to protect as many of the young US population as possible from the potentially harmful effects of tobacco and nicotine products. Similarly, the legal age for using nicotine-containing vape products should also increase, since many manufacturers of such products often take advantage of the fact that federal laws can bypass the party, while continuing to sell.

Given the fact that US healthcare professionals are currently actively struggling with the EVALI airway failure syndrome caused by vape, it becomes obvious how popular and interesting the final version of this bill should go, even despite all the economic and legal obstacles that may arise from vape manufacturing companies.

However, the level of consumption of traditional tobacco products among US youth has somewhat decreased, which was also noted by health professionals and statisticians – on the other hand, this can only mean a “temporary respite” after the completion of the main stage of research on the real extent of harm to vape products , with and without nicotine, so you can only wait for this.

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