Type 1 diabetes can be defeated in theory

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Diabetes mellitus is indeed one of the most difficult to treat syndromes – at the same time, many scientists in the world are actively fighting to completely develop a more or less universal format of therapy for most diabetics. So the news came about a similar achievement by specialists from the University of California, who had previously been approved to conduct preliminary tests on patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus or those who are very close to it – of course, with the consent of the patients themselves. This is a new experimental medication called Teplizumab.

This medication was developed as a kind of mixture of several medications, whose main goal is to prevent the development of symptoms of type 1 diabetes mellitus – which in turn allows doctors to more effectively identify and neutralize the initial cause of the diabetes state. Type 1 diabetes is characterized by the inability to consume glucose by the cells themselves, although they can decompose carbohydrates.

Thus, the presented medication actually allowed many of the patients to experience noticeable relief when taking, while statistically it helped to reduce the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes mellitus to 60% in 55 children and in 21 adult patients. This means that the substance managed to neutralize in time the main reason for the impossibility of processing and absorption of glucose by cells. Moreover, during the second phase of testing with the use of this medication, it was found that it can significantly slow down post-diabetes symptoms.

And this makes it possible in a real situation to delay their development and deterioration, thereby allowing the attending physician to establish the most accurate range of causes that can lead to a further post-diabetes state. However, for now it remains to wait for the final results of the presented study and hope that the new medication is really effective.

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