Two more states in the U.S. report vape hazard

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In early August of this year, several research centers and hospitals in the United States announced frequent cases of pronounced damage to the respiratory tract and lungs among those who systematically use electronic vape – thus the problem of investigating the relationship between electronic smoking and health hazards is becoming wider. That is why the Wisconsin state administration today revealed six more reported cases of hospitalization due to the aforementioned airway injuries, presumably caused precisely by systematic e-smoking.

Almost immediately after that, two more states spoke in a similar vein – Minnesota and Texas also mentioned that over the past few months such cases have actually become more frequent, and most of them have occurred in people who are constantly fond of e-smoking in that or some other form. The Wisconsin Department of Health, for example, noted up to 45% of cases of such damage to the airways with the corresponding symptoms, which are most likely associated with the use of vape – however, as in the case of many other studies of this subject, there are not enough solid and fully verified facts.

In this connection, the administration of all three states sends an official appeal to the population in order to warn against the use of vape products of any kind. Of course, it is unlikely that it will come to a complete blockage of the sale of vape in these states, as happened in San Francisco, but most likely the problem will continue to grow with additional legal issues.

At this point in time, the sale and distribution of vape products in most states of America is under quite strict quality control – and the Center for the Prevention of Disease Development of the United States under the abbreviated name CDC generally issued a special report in which it indicated that vape could in fact be behind more frequent cases of damage to the respiratory tract.

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