Treatment of paralysis gel therapy

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Gel therapy

Injuries with nerve damage in the peripheral nervous system often cause a variety of problems. After all, a damaged part of the body may become numb for a while or it may even be paralyzed for an indefinite period, right up to the end of life, since it takes too much time to repair the nerves.

Scientists from the University of Israel in Tel Aviv found a solution to this problem. They created implants and a special gel, which, according to scientists, will help to restore broken nerves much faster. Jewelry procedure, but the effect is worth it. Everything happens approximately as follows: the two ends of the nerve are connected together and secured with a tiny flexible tube – an implant. Inside this tube is a special gel that helps the two ends of one nerve to grow together in a faster time.

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The nerve fiber regeneration gel (Guiding Regeneration Gel – GRG) contains important components such as antioxidants, synthetic peptides, laminin and hyaluronic acid. If we talk about the properties of these substances, the antioxidants prevent inflammation, synthetic peptides help the nerve fibers to grow together in the right direction, and hyaluronic acid prevents the drying of the nerve fibers (this substance can be found in the human germ). As a result of all this, the nerves are restored very quickly and without any difficulties.

Gel therapy was successfully tested on laboratory animals of the university. If we talk about testing the drug in humans, the procedure is expected to be carried out in a few years. Scientists themselves say that GRG can be used not only in the field of cell therapy, but also as a means of preserving cells for transplantation.

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