Transcendental meditation reduces the risk of heart disease

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A new study from Maharishi International University in the United States today showed how systematic meditation practices can have beneficial effects on the functioning of the cardiovascular system, potentially preventing the risk of early death due to various cardiovascular diseases. In particular, the researchers focused on studying how transcendental meditation – during which people chant mantras aloud or to themselves – can help prevent such diseases, in particular the so-called left ventricular hypertrophy, in which there is an increase in heart.

And this is one of the most common risk factors for early death, since a physical increase in the heart muscle can lead to multiple malfunctions in the system as a whole. For the study, a team of specialists selected two groups of volunteers with diagnosed heart diseases, which consisted almost entirely of African-Americans, and watched them for six months. The first group did transcendental meditation almost every day, while the second did not do it at all.

According to the final results, it turned out that the systematic practice of meditation with the recitation of mantras actually helps to reduce the risk of developing this heart disease, along with some other diseases of this spectrum. In particular, scientists found a 38% reduced risk of early death due to the development of cardiovascular disease in subjects who used meditative practices as their prophylaxis.

It is not yet clear which particular mechanisms play a key role in the formation of such a serious relationship between meditation and the reduced risk of developing diseases of the cardiovascular system, however, scientists suggest that this is primarily associated with respiratory control. Thus, people who practice meditation can potentially develop for themselves more beneficial long-term patterns of deep breathing.

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