Traces of a unique ancestor of a modern crocodile

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Humanity continues to be the remains of various creatures that inhabited our world in prehistoric times, even before man became the most prominent figure in the evolution of our planet. And today, a team of paleontologists found traces of a rather unusual prehistoric creature on the plateau near the South Korean city of Chinju – we are talking about finding traces of an unknown prehistoric pangolin, which, judging by preliminary results of the analysis, is an ancestor of a modern crocodile, as indicated by amplitude and some other aspects of the pangolin gait.

The discovered traces date back to about 110-120 million years, so there is no doubt that their owner actually once existed in this territory – the only question remains is which ancestor kingdom he was. By and large, the majority of the research team is inclined to believe that the traces found belong to the ancestor of the modern crocodile, since the tracks represent two parallel prints, without additional indications that the creature used another pair of paws.

In addition, the amplitude of the tracks indicates that this creature did not move quite like a modern crocodile, but it was very similar, having a relatively small tail and a wide range of motion. It is worth noting that experts have already designated this prehistoric creature as Batrachopus grandis, and the prefix grandis indicates the fact that the size of these animals was really considerable, reaching from 3 to 4 meters in length.

There are still many unexplained aspects as to how the presented prehistoric ancestors of modern crocodiles actually looked and moved, however, based on the results of a preliminary study, we can confidently say that paleontologists will certainly tell a lot of interesting details about this ancient period the history of our planet when dinosaurs were the main masters of the planet and determined its evolutionary future.

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