Towards a cure for diabetes

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Of course, today's treatment of diabetes can no longer be compared with what it was decades ago. Methods of sugar control and insulin administration have become more sophisticated; real prevention of serious complications has appeared.

And yet, for the time being, no one has been able to completely cure him. Scientists all over the world are not stopping the search for means for a real and complete cure for diabetes.

The discovery of scientists special protein FGF-1

High hopes today are inspired by the recent discovery by scientists of a special protein FGF-1, which, after only one injection into the body, is able to maintain normal glucose levels for up to 4-5 days.

Further studies have established that daily injections of such a protein gradually restore the normal insulin sensitivity of the body. Namely, insulin resistance is a "pitfall" in the treatment of diabetes with traditional antihyperglycemic agents, it gradually decreases, requiring replacement of drugs.

Features and Benefits of FGF-1 Protein

In addition, the FGF-1 protein, in contrast to conventional preparations, does not cause a sharp decrease in the level of sugar and related complications. That is, the permissible level of glucose in the blood is maintained, and in parallel, insulin sensitivity is restored.

These studies complete their experimental stage in animals, the next stage will be clinical studies on volunteer patients in the clinic. And, it is likely that this discovery in the treatment of diabetes, made by scientists, will give a truly miraculous remedy to millions of diabetics.


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