Tomato juice without salt lowers blood pressure and cholesterol

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Modern western diets and dietary options often focus on avoiding high cholesterol and fat intake — however, a new study by the scientific journal Food & Nutrition in this regard has shown that high blood pressure and cholesterol can be avoided . The whole secret is to systematically use tomato juice without adding salt – which was demonstrated in the course of the almost annual experiment, which involved almost 500 participants from different age categories.

Of the approximately 500 participants, 297 were women and 184 men – and of this total there were 94 people who previously had diagnosed one or another range of cardiovascular disorders, which could later lead to the development of a disease. For almost a whole year, participants were punished to drink tomato juice without adding salt – they themselves could determine the amount of juice drunk, but the main condition was precisely the consistency of consumption.

After a year of experiment, scientists noticed that absolutely most of the participants began to experience a noticeable improvement in the context of lowering blood pressure – the average value dropped from 141 to 137 mmHg, and the distolic blood pressure dropped to an average of 80 mmHg. In addition, experts also drew attention to the lower cholesterol level of participants in the experiment, and in any age and weight category.

Thus, tomato juice can in fact be an excellent alternative to many other options for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels – however, experts rush to reassure users that tomato juice is not a complete panacea, but works, most likely, paired with other factors. Whatever it was, and the results achieved can be called interesting – for sure, scientists in the near future will want to conduct additional experiments.

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