Three European countries lose measles free status

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Some diseases that were previously considered completely defeated in modern civilized countries are now returning to the arena – the fact is that a new report by the US Center for the Prevention of Disease Development today illustrated a trend in measles that was actually considered something long gone in the context of global health. However, this time the changes in her attitude affected not so much America as three other European states, namely Great Britain, Albania and the Czech Republic, which today officially lost their status of states where measles was completely defeated as a phenomenon.

The fact is that earlier, about six months ago, the European Health Commission discovered several foci of the emergence and spread of measles in these European countries, while noting a fairly high rate of disease growth – and the CDC in the United States only confirmed this trend, revealing very disarming facts regarding the real threat of measles. Although measles disease previously seemed completely defeated and as such absent in most of the European Union, recent investigations by an independent team of research doctors from the European Health Commission have shown that measles is actually able to mask its symptoms with a number of other similar diseases. .

However, with regard to the current results, the Czech Republic, Great Britain and Albania are now losing their status of countries in which there is not a single case of measles – and the United States may at one time come across a similar result, due to the same investigation.

It showed that the measles epidemic on the east coast is still rampant in the United States, which in its duration could cause the United States to actually lose its status. On the other hand, specialists are interested in looking at some other symptoms and signs that measles is now changing in such a way that it is more difficult to treat and diagnose in general.

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