Three countries found with the best and healthiest food

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Today, a rather interesting study has appeared on the Internet, regarding the determination of the states with the most healthy and balanced food – such a study was prepared by nutritionists from the George Global Health Institute, which focuses on the study of various world health trends. In particular, a new study tried to point out the most balanced diet options and countries where they can be easily found, and in addition, the study also focused on determining the most reasonable balance between calories and the overall benefits of substances and vitamins consumed with food.

Despite the fact that many users and readers expected to see any Mediterranean country in this top, in fact, the top three leaders included states such as the UK, USA and Australia, and in that order – they were awarded a rating index of healthy power supply from 2.83 to 2.81. This rating includes indicators of food consumed, such as total calorie content, the presence of certain vital elements and vitamins, as well as the overall level of environmental safety of food.

As for the lower positions, they were occupied by China, Chile and India, which, although they have a rather interesting culinary tradition, still cannot compete with Western countries precisely in the context of environmental safety and certain technological moments. On the other hand, this study did not aim to nominate anyone, only to point out the average statistics in relation to global trends in the consumption of various foods.

Thus, the initiators of this study could not help but note something really interesting and amazing – despite the relatively high prevalence rate of obesity among citizens of the USA, Great Britain and Australia, nevertheless, it is in these countries that a person who is potentially interested in their health may be with the greatest Easily find healthy culinary alternatives for you throughout your life.

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