The water level in the ocean to 2100 will rise by 2 meters

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If the current climate changes continue in their main trend, then by 2100 the world will face a significantly increased ocean water level of approximately 2 meters – this was what British experts said today, after working with statistics on this issue and turning to 22 third-party experts. In fact, as experts note in their study, such a noticeable rise in the level of water in the ocean can lead to the most unexpected catastrophic consequences, both for the animal world and for the human world.

The fact is that it is not only about global warming, although it represents the main outline of events – it is also complemented by the gradual deformation and redeployment of glaciers that directly affect the rise in water levels in individual zones of the World Ocean. And this means that already by the onset of 2100, many coastal cities of the world will be in great danger – such as New York and Miami.

According to preliminary data and estimates of specialists, while maintaining the current trend of rising water levels in the ocean, we can expect land losses of 1.70 million sq. Km, which is indeed a huge indicator – and about 187 thousand people around the world will have to change their place. accommodation. Of course, the data presented can not fully reflect all the features of this trend, but despite its preliminary nature, they still promise a truly unhappy climate story for people who will live closer to the end of this century.

Thus, coastal cities and residential areas will be the first to take the brunt of the elements – but scientists are already working on examining and testing ways by which you can at least slow down the symptoms of global warming. It is worth noting the fact that there may be some additional aspects related to the regulation of air masses.

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