The threat of coronavirus pales in comparison with influenza in the United States

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Despite the fact that the Chinese coronavirus 2019-cNoV continues to move in a terrifying way around the planet, in fact, its threat is greatly exaggerated – at least that's what leading medical experts in the United States say. Today, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC has introduced a new report comparing the specific hazards of Chinese coronavirus and the common seasonal flu virus – and judging by this report, it’s the second candidate that poses a greater threat to the life and health of ordinary Americans and Europeans than the notorious coronavirus. since it rolls through the country with an enviable frequency.

In particular, a summary from the CDC notes that between October 1, 2019 and February 1, 2020, a seasonal flu virus took 10 to 25 thousand lives across America – much more than coronavirus took lives in the same province Wuhan, where he comes from. Moreover, experts say that it is the seasonal influenza virus that should receive more publicity than the coronavirus, since over the same period of time it led to the hospitalization of more than 180 thousand US residents, and over the past year the total number of people infected with the influenza virus in the USA amounted to 26 million people, which again is a pretty impressive figure.

At the end of January 2020, experts note that the seasonal flu virus is on the rise, representing a much higher level of threat to the country's inhabitants than the same coronavirus, against which, by the way, a vaccine already exists that gives positive and quick results.

So most of the public in the United States – as in the rest of the world – pays hypertrophied attention to the threat of Chinese coronavirus, rather than meticulously monitoring simpler and more common diseases. Thus, the CDC Center notes that it will soon release another series of leaflets and brochures designed to draw as much public attention as possible on the seasonal flu virus, which takes many more lives.

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