The study of physics allows you to activate brain functions

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The study of the brain – especially during any scientific dynamics of its use – is one of the most interesting and important priorities of modern neurobiologists and neurochemists. Therefore, a team of scientists from the University of Drexel, from the Department of Arts and Sciences decided to contribute to the development of understanding of neurobiology. They presented their new study on monitoring the activity of various parts of the brain while solving various problems and equations in physics – so they wanted to discover new relationships between the learning process and the activity of certain areas of the brain. And really discovered!

The project manager, Doctor of Neurobiology Eric Brue, invited fifty volunteer students studying physics as the main scientific direction in their course to take part in the experiment. And it consisted in using the technology of functional magnetic resonance imaging to observe the brain activity of students before taking a certain course in physics and after, in addition to adding separate tasks and equations to solve the error so that the students’ brain is constantly in state of activity.

The results showed that before passing the test, students had involved normal brain regions, traditionally associated with the learning process – such as the anterior and parietal cortex. But already in time and after completing the course, the team revealed that students also involved areas such as the posterior cingulate cortex, which indicates that the study of the exact sciences involves a lot of abstract thinking.

The fact is that this particular part of the brain is responsible for recognizing by a person himself and for episodic memory – in fact, the results clearly demonstrate that during the performance of such brain activity as the study of the exact sciences, the brain is constantly updated and, as it were, “rebooted” in the context of renewal of human consciousness. However, specialists have yet to conduct a lot of related tests and checks in this regard.

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