The skeleton of an unusual ancient mammal has been discovered

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Today, a joint team of researchers from several anthropological universities around the world presented their new study on the relatively recently discovered, well-preserved skeleton of one of the most unusual and scientifically promising ancient mammals. We are talking about the so-called creature Adaltherium, which is the evolutionary ancestor of the vast majority of modern representatives of mice and rodents, and we are talking about a really well-preserved skeleton that was found in South Africa – apparently, we are talking about a really ancient time frame.

Preliminary studies of the skeleton of the mammal Adaltherium indicate that this creature lived about 66 million years ago – which roughly corresponds to the Cretaceous period – within a similar period of the existence of dinosaurs, which further spurs interest in its study. It should be noted that in terms of the skeleton structure, this ancient mammal is more reminiscent of modern large forest rodent predators, due to the presence of a clearly prominent jaw and a slight rise in the axial dorsal skeleton.

In addition, anthropologists have found that the distance between individual bones and bone structures in the main skeleton of this representative is relatively large, which clearly indicates its evolutionary relationship with some amphibian predators – although at the moment this is still a theory, since we are talking about the need to further work out this theoretical and practical angle of research.

However, there is no longer any doubt that in a relatively short time the research team will present a more or less conceptual and complete study regarding this mammal, because it really has a really large and promising research character – it is quite possible that it is the Adaltherium mammal that will be able to shed light on some of the secrets and features of modern evolution of mammals.

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