The Republican Center of Positron Emission Tomography has opened in Belarus

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The effectiveness of diagnosis using PET-CT
What does the Republican PET center include?
How to prepare the patient for tomography?

The effectiveness of diagnosis using PET-CT

This type of diagnosis is widely practiced in various branches of medicine, in particular in oncology, neurology, and cardiology. It is widely used due to the possibility of a non-invasive study of the organism for changes in the morphological (CT) or metabolic (PET) character. Therefore, this method of diagnosis allows to assess the extent of damage to internal organs, as well as the degree of dysfunction of their functions.

PET-CT is considered an extremely effective method of medical examination and therefore it is often used in the largest clinics in the world specializing in diseases of the most diverse kinds. Now residents of Belarus have the opportunity to be examined by this method, without leaving the country.


detection of malignant tumors;
determining the stage of the disease;
identification of the effectiveness of medical procedures;
detection of recurrence of the disease;
the search for tumors (subject to the identification of metastases);
diagnosing changes after treatment;
the need for radiotherapy;
detection of aggressive education departments for biopsy.


The presence of pregnancy or breastfeeding (the latter is not absolute);
Identification of diabetes;
Renal failure.

What does the Republican PET center include?

Positron Emission Center includes two main divisions:

Laboratory of PET-CT diagnostics;
Cyclone Radiochemical Laboratory.

In total, over 100 specialists will work in the institution, and the total area of ​​the PET center reaches an impressive 12,000 m2.

Alexandrov Clinic

The Republican PET Center is headed by a radiologist of the highest category, RA Sakovich, who has been working in the field of radiation diagnosis since 1998. During his work, Dr. Sakovich was trained and trained in large clinical medical centers in Belarus, the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and several European countries (Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Romania, Hungary, etc.). He is the chief freelance radiotherapy diagnostician of the Minsk City Executive Committee Healthcare Committee.

Ruslan Antonovich regularly takes part in world and European forums, radiological congresses, published in various authoritative publications of Belarus and abroad. Sakovich R.A. He is a member of the European and Belarusian Society of Radiologists, as well as a board member of the Society of Radiation Diagnostics Specialists of the Republic of Belarus. Dr. Sakovich is engaged in teaching at the Department of Radiology Diagnostics of BelMAPO, actively cooperates with specialists in related specialties, is an expert of the Ministry of Health on radiological equipment, combines work in the 2nd City Clinical Hospital and the Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Neurosurgery and Neurology.

The head of the PET-CT diagnostic laboratory is Dr. Baranovsky Oleg Arkadyevich, who has been working on radionuclide diagnostics since 1990 and is a doctor of the highest category. Baranovsky O.A. studied in Belarus and several European countries, heads the research program for the new drug MDP, which is used to examine patients with diseases of the skeletal system, as well as the new drug 99mTc-MDP

The PET-CT diagnostic laboratory has three modern scanners for research, in particular:

GE Discovery PET / CT 710 – 1 pc.
GE Discovery IQ – 2 pcs.

Each of these devices is made in accordance with the most modern technologies of reconstruction, incl. GE's latest development of Q.Suite iterative reconstruction. Due to this, PET-CT devices allow to obtain images of perfect quality even when examining patients with tumors of small size. In addition, the devices operate with minimal noise.

Discovery PET / CT 710 is a premium device that allows you to significantly expand the possibilities of visualization. This installation uses the latest quantitative analysis solutions, allowing you to choose the right treatment tactics, in accordance with each specific case.

GE Discovery IQ systems are equipped with a high sensitivity detector, as well as a completely new software package that allows you to process data even more efficiently.

Thanks to the new PET-CT scanners it is possible to achieve:

Maximum sensitivity of the survey;
Create high quality images;
Imaging with a minimum dose of radiopharmaceutical for the introduction

The cyclone radiochemical laboratory is headed by Svyatoslav Dmitrievich Brinkevich. In 2006, a specialist graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry, BSU. Specialization – Chemistry of medicinal compounds. Four years after graduation, he defended his thesis, and in 2013 he received the degree of associate professor and works at the Department of Radiochemistry and Chemical-Pharmaceutical Technologies of the BSU. Engaged in teaching in the chemical, physical faculties of BSU.

Cyclone 18/9 cyclotron is installed in the cyclone-radiochemical laboratory, which is considered to be one of the most reliable and high-quality installations used in medical branches of this kind.

Cyclone 18/9 is considered one of the most flexible systems that can significantly increase the number of generated radiopharmaceuticals.

Characteristics and features of Cyclone 18/9:

Proton energy – 18 MeV
Current strength is up to 150 μA;
Target performance up to 15 Ci 18F;
Target distribution – in a circle, which ensures a significant reduction in self-activation;
Basic management and care;
The ability to instantly change the foil;
High stability of the double beam.
Increased flexibility through the use of 8 targets.
Target system for creating 124I, 64Cu, etc.
The ability to study a variety of sciences directly related to the industry.

How to prepare the patient for tomography?

The procedure can be carried out both in the conditions of outpatient diagnosis and after hospitalization in the hospital.

In the morning before the diagnosis, the subject is prohibited to eat any food. In the evening you can eat only dairy products and liquid (except for water with gas).
Dressing is best as warm as possible, but at the same time the elements of clothing should not have anything made of metal. In the laboratory of PET-CT diagnostics you will need clean removable shoes.

Before the PET-CT procedure, you must provide the results of previous studies, if any.

In particular:


To perform PET-CT, a special radiopharmaceutical (RFP) is injected into the body. His accumulations are later detected with a PET scanner. Increased accumulation of radiopharmaceuticals occurs in those parts of the body where the metabolism is particularly active. The diagnostic procedure can last up to half an hour, and its results, as a rule, are analyzed by doctors and are provided to the patient throughout the day.

PET-CT is considered an extremely important research method. At the same time, the risk that exists when using a radioactive drug is virtually absent, since their disintegration and elimination from the body occurs very quickly (during the day).

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