The representation of Unimed has opened in Moscow

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Pricing policy Unimed
About the clinic of JSC "Medicine"
Benefits of treatment with Unimed

Yunimed company is pleased to announce the beginning of cooperation with the best representatives of Russian medicine. We opened our representative office in the “Medicine” clinic, and in the future we plan to expand cooperation to other medical institutions that meet the high standards set by the Unimed center. Clinic "Medicine" is a modern medical and diagnostic complex, where you can get help in the most important areas.

Now, not only citizens of this country, but also residents of neighboring countries, as well as other countries, can receive quality medical care in Russia. Unimed will help to organize diagnostics and treatment, and, following its rules, will do everything necessary to make our patients feel comfortable and receive the best treatment that advanced medicine can provide them.

Pricing policy Unimed

Representatives of the Unimed Medical Center are confident that the people of Russia, as well as all people from other countries, without exception, are entitled to quality medical care. Therefore, price availability is an important principle of our activity – we are doing everything possible so that the greatest possible number of people can afford quality assistance.

Despite the fact that the cost of treatment in the best medical institutions of the world is quite high, we have the opportunity to optimize it. This is achieved partly due to good organization of the treatment process, where the patient is spared from having to spend unnecessary expenses, and partly due to discounts provided by Unimed from almost all clinics with which we have business relations. This approach is highly appreciated by our patients: avoiding the risks associated with poor-quality medical care, they feel protected in an unfamiliar country and have guarantees that they will be given the most effective help possible in this case.

Among the patients of Unimed, a significant part are citizens of Russia and Russian-speaking representatives of the post-Soviet countries, we have long and productively cooperated in this direction. We are pleased that now our interaction has become even closer, and the possibilities are even broader.

About the clinic of JSC "Medicine"

the clinic of JSC "Medicine"Currently in Russia there are clinics that provide their patients with qualified medical care of a level that meets all standards of Western medicine without exception. An example of such an advanced clinic in all respects is Medicine, a multidisciplinary medical center that includes a clinic, a hospital, a modern oncology center, and many specialized departments dealing with the treatment of various pathologies.

Currently, the center employs more than 300 highly qualified doctors, consultations are conducted by leading experts in various fields of medicine, many of them are professors, and some even academicians. This level of professionalism provides patients with an error-free diagnosis, the choice of optimal treatment, the absence of medical errors and problems at any stage of treatment and rehabilitation.

Moscow Clinic "Medicine" provides a wide range of assistance in various areas, including:

diagnostic deviceAll types of diagnostics (laboratory, functional, medical imaging, etc.);

Resuscitation and emergency medicine;
Pediatrics (therapy, surgery, oncology);
Treatment of internal diseases (therapy);
Surgical and clinical gynecology;
Assisted reproductive technologies (in vitro fertilization or IVF);
Cardiology, heart surgery and cardiac rehabilitation;
Urology (including nephrology and andrology);
Ophthalmology, including operational;
Immunology and Allergology;
Traumatology and orthopedics;
Endocrinology and diet therapy;
Oncology (oncology center "Sofia")
Dentistry (including aesthetic);
Cosmetology and plastic surgery;
Regenerative medicine (rehabilitation, physiotherapy, etc.).

clinic of JSC "Medicine"JSC "Medicine" works in accordance with international standards of medical care and has an appropriate level of accreditation. This is the only not only Russian but also foreign clinic in general, which is included in the association of the best clinics in Switzerland, confirming all the standards that have been adopted for the health of this European country with a high standard of living.

For greater safety and increase the effectiveness of treatment in the clinic, the principle “One patient – one doctor” is observed. The curator supervises the treatment program assigned to the patient and takes an active part in the treatment of patients in the hospital.

The clinic has the broadest diagnostic capabilities, and thanks to the introduction of a modern system of medical care, the examination of patients takes place as quickly as possible.

Benefits of treatment with Unimed

Thousands of patients trust their health Unimed, we value our reputation, created over the years of flawless and hard work, one of the principles of our work is to cooperate only with the best medical institutions, whose professional reputation is documented.

Thanks to the opening of our representative office in Moscow, now everyone who wants to receive a comprehensive and reliable diagnosis and qualified medical assistance can do this in Moscow. Our patients are people from different countries of the world who need timely and high-quality treatment, and prefer foreign medical institutions. Now we work in Russia.

Turning to Unimed, you get:

The most simple procedure for selecting a clinic. All that is required of you is to simply contact us and report your problem. Our specialists will choose for you the best place to treat your ailment, contact the best doctors and make a preliminary estimate of the course of treatment, taking into account individual indications;

Full documentation for treatment in leading clinics with an impeccable professional reputation. The possibility of accessing charlatans with us is absolutely excluded. Unimed cooperates only with the best;

Transparency in payment, absence of unreasonable and unforeseen expenses, own system of discounts for treatment in the best clinics in the world. It is worth noting that treatment with us will not cost more than a direct visit to the clinic – Unimed never sets its margin on medical and diagnostic procedures, this is one of the key principles of our work;

The solution of all organizational issues regarding travel for treatment abroad: from transferring and sending medical documentation to providing housing for the entire period of treatment;

Control over the course of treatment throughout the entire period of stay in the clinic. We value our reputation and are fully responsible for our patients. They can count on our help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unimed makes every effort to recover their patients!

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