The Mediterranean diet dramatically reduces stress levels

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The study of different formats and types of diets is often associated with the need to build a certain balance between the level of certain foods consumed and the state of the human body, however, an additional difficulty here is not a completely natural understanding of this relationship. This is why the talented team of nutritional researchers at Wake Forest Medical Center in the United States decided to take a closer look at exactly how the Mediterranean diet can affect stress levels in living organisms, and how it has such a long-term effect on different organisms.

The Mediterranean diet was not chosen by chance, since it is one of the most popular diets in the world in general, and one of the most discussed among leading nutritionists – and as their experiment, the research team selected 38 different animals, mainly belonging to the chordate class, and divided them into two groups. The first group for two weeks ate such a diet, which is often observed in humans when combining not very healthy "Western" diet and some separate vegetable diets, and the second ate exclusively Mediterranean diet with some included modifications specifically for the animal organism.

After this period, the researchers tested the animals for the level of stress and how quickly they get out of the stress state under various factors – it turned out that the second group copes with stress much faster and, in general, demonstrates a reduced level of production of the hormone cortisol.

Of course, in fact, the Mediterranean diet can have the same effect on the human body, but the researchers say that for this it is necessary to collect more data and conduct more accurate experiments – both in terms of their passage time and on some individual food modifiers. However, there is no longer any doubt that it is the Mediterranean diet that is one of the most interesting and promising in this aspect, especially in the presence of chronic intestinal diseases.

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