The manipulator of the prosthesis will make life even easier.

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By combining Nintendo Power Glove with 3D-printed parts, 17-year-old Easton LaChappelle developed an incredible prosthetic robot. But the first job of Easton LaChappelle was not a robot manipulator at all. His first creation was from the designer LEGO, wires for fishing (fishing line), and surgical tubes. These all things in the mix became LaChapelle's robotic arm. The first invention brought him the 3rd place in the Colorado Science Fair of 2011. Still, the high recognition did not make the young scientist "get caught up" and stop doing science. This recognition, on the contrary, inspired Easton LaChappelle to go further. Then he went not himself, but with 3D-printed parts.
It all started with what Easton LaChappelle saw at the science fair a guy who wore a prosthesis for $ 80,000. This prosthesis had to be replaced as the hand of the young man grew. Inspired and intrigued, the scientist decided to take his home robot-manipulator, which in this area could reach a new level both himself and improve the quality of the prosthesis. His new goal was to create a high-tech prosthesis that would not only be highly functional, but also affordable for everyone in need.

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The new design of LaChapelle relies on 3D printing to help offset the high cost of dentures. The active hand is controlled by the Arduini Teensy microcontroller, using amplifier circuits and receivers via Bluetooth. The prosthesis can move safely, bend. You can even manage your prosthesis with your eyes. Certain blinks correspond to certain tasks, such as bending the arms, elbows, or shoulders. This whole process is controlled by the EEG headset, which is used to control movements by measuring the waves transmitted from the nerve endings to the brain.
The total cost of this invention is shocking, but in a good way, since it costs only $ 250! The amazing price makes prostheses affordable for families not only of the high and middle class, but also for the low. In addition to the fact that the prosthesis has functions that greatly facilitate the lives of people with disabilities and their loved ones, it is also very capable of opening beer. Heineken has already asked a teenager to open more than 5,000 bottles of beer in bars.

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While the young inventor LaChapelle finishes school, he launched the Kickstarter campaign, which raises funds for the further wider production of the same prostheses.

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