The Link between Obesity and Dementia: A Study

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It is no secret that the development of neurodegeneration is a truly dangerous condition, which, even if stopped at an early stage, can still seriously damage a person’s cognitive abilities. That is why a new study on the relationship between the risk of developing dementia and the degree of obesity from a team of specialists from several US universities has demonstrated that such a risk does exist, and that obesity – and especially chronic obesity – can be the most dangerous factor for the subsequent development of neurodegeneration in the long-term perspective, with the approach of old age and some other biological markers.

In particular, a new study focused on identifying how much obesity can affect the degree of dementia – and it turned out that among the 6,500 cases examined in the United States, more than half showed a tendency to obesity of one degree or another. After conducting several cross-reference analyzes, experts came to the conclusion that obesity, provoked mainly by malnutrition and a sedentary, passive lifestyle, is more dangerous in this regard than obesity caused by genetic factors or side effects of various medications.

Thus, scientists urge people to move as much as possible and more often, adhere to the principles of proper nutrition and monitor the proper balance of sweets, so that using such a system can be able to track the first potential signs of systematic obesity, since it can greatly affect the further state of the body.

Neurodegeneration is a rather long process in its deployment, which somehow implies the need for a highly neglected organism – and therefore this particular preventive set of measures is recognized by scientists as the most effective and interesting. Nevertheless, the study cannot yet claim to be the most comprehensive, since it does not include some other aspects and parts of third-party studies related to neurodegeneration.

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