The heart will cure genes and … viruses

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The state of the heart muscle, its strength and ability to work intensively – the basis of the normal blood circulation of the body. When the heart muscle weakens, it becomes thinner, a serious complication develops – heart failure, leading to disability and, ultimately, to a fatal outcome.

The causes of myocardial damage can be different: congenital heart disease, acquired defects, past infections and poisonings, atherosclerosis of the coronary vessels, overload in hypertension, damage in diabetes, collagen diseases, autoimmune diseases.

Modern cardiology and restoration of the muscle fibers of the heart

Modern cardiology has many drugs to support metabolic processes in the myocardium, to saturate it with oxygen, to improve contractility. This includes vitamins, and enzymes, and minerals, and preparations of rheological action, and preparations of digitalis, "forcing" the heart to contract more intensely.

And yet, despite the large arsenal of these tools, they do not solve problems completely, but only help the heart. There is the most "advanced" method of restoring the muscle fibers of the heart with stem cells, but it is still poorly understood and very expensive.

Discovery of the gene controlling the state of the heart muscle

Very promising cardiologists believe the discovery by British scientists of the gene that controls the state of the heart muscle. This gene produces a special protein, SERCA-2a, which supports the high contractility of muscle fibers. Under laboratory conditions, carriers of a gene made viruses harmless to humans.

When the viruses are infected with these viruses, they penetrate into the muscle cells, deliver the healing gene there, as a result, the muscle tissue acquires normal function. This is the result of experimental studies on animals, scientists are preparing for the next stage – a clinical experiment on patients.

Cardiologists expect in the near future to get a new unique treatment for heart failure, and without contraindications and side effects on the body.


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